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New York OSHA 30 Raises Construction Worker Safety Awareness

New York OSHA 30 Raises Construction Worker Safety Awareness

For OSHA safety training via online courses, NY OSHA 30 is the best resource worldwide. They are enthusiastic, vivacious, and committed websites that offer state-of-the-art occupational health and safety training with the goal of empowering workers and employees.  To provide the most up-to-date and efficient security and preventative procedures, the

Why Employees Should Enroll in New York OSHA 30 Training?

Why Employees Should Enroll in New York OSHA 30 Training?

OSHA 30 training course is an essential program that is designed to educate workers and supervisors on workplace safety and health. This course is a more in-depth and thought-provoking version of the OSHA 10-hour training and is typically recommended for employees who are working as managers or executives. However, this

5 Important Federal Laws You Need To Know About

There are tons of government employee protection laws across the United States. Now there are many local acts, like some of Washington employee protection laws such as Workers’ Rights. However, there are also federal laws that all companies and organizations in those states must abide by. Today, we’re looking at

Crane Accidents: Facts And Statistics

Crane Accidents: Facts And Statistics

Crane operations are an integral part of construction and industrial activities, facilitating the movement of heavy materials and equipment. While cranes are essential tools, they also pose significant risks to operators, workers, and bystanders. These hazards can often result in crane accidents. Understanding the statistics regarding crane-related injuries and fatalities

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Who is Responsible for Creating a Safe and Healthy Workplace?

In any workplace, ensuring the health and safety of employees is a critical concern. The responsibility for creating a safe and healthy workplace is a collective effort involving various stakeholders, including employers, employees, and government agencies. This article will delve into the roles and responsibilities of each group to establish

Shocking Workplace Safety Facts

25 Shocking Workplace Safety Facts

Behind every statistic lies a story. Workplace safety facts are not just numbers on a page; they represent lives, livelihoods, and the well-being of individuals. Some of these numbers tell a shocking tale of apathy towards the hard workers in industries like construction, mining, demolition and manufacturing. In this article,

5 Reasons OSHA Training Is Your Best Investment

Many organizations view OSHA training as a necessary compliance requirement to avoid fines. And there’s a good reason for that. Injuries and accidents at construction and extraction sites come with heavy financial costs. According to the Liberty Mutual 2021 Workplace Safety Index, over 1 billion dollars were spent by companies on