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NYOSHA30 Group Enrollment

NYOSHA30 remains fully devoted to championing OSHA’s revolutionary cause, emphasizing the importance of a safe and healthy workplace culture for all businesses and industries nationwide.

To achieve this, we invite all entry-level and experienced workers in the general and construction industry sectors to our Bulk Enrollment for OSHA Safety Training Courses initiative to empower those engaged in occupational activities with the essential skills and knowledge of workplace safety.

Establish compliance with OSHA Standards and enjoy Big discounts through our affordable workplace safety solution.

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What Do We Offer with Bulk Enrollment?

Custom-Built LMS: A customized learning management system with unique login credentials is offered to cater to the exact training requirements of every user to ensure a more efficient learning experience.

Free Study Guides: Gain complete access to downloadable and comprehensive study guides in PDF format designed for each course to provide essential information on the learning modules to help users get additional guidance and excel in quizzes and the final exam.

Budget-Friendly Training: If you’re a business aiming to enroll multiple employees or want to learn individually, you can reduce your training expenses by accessing substantial discounts on OSHA Online Courses.

Streamlined Administration: Trainees can be efficiently managed on their training pursuits through a centralized account. Furthermore, you can also add or remove the number of trainees you want to enroll in OSHA safety training as per the evolving staffing requirements.

Diverse OSHA Courses: Participants can choose from various OSHA training courses designed to address the basic site safety knowledge of different industries and relevant job roles and functions.

Commit to Workplace Safety as a Team

Unlock Bulk Enrollment Discounts!

Get Started with Bulk Enrollment

Go to the Free Sign Up Page and fill in your info, including first name, last name, email address, and phone number. In addition, don’t forget to specify which account type you’d like to proceed with.

Individual Account:

Free Course: Begin your safety training journey with a Free course you can access from the dashboard. Not only does this course familiarize you with the high standard of our eLearning platform, but you also get bonus training.

Buy More Courses: After exploring our wide range of OSHA Safety courses, you can invest in those courses that directly relate to your job requirements and industry and acquire significant discounts on your purchase.

Profile & Orders: Update your profile, such as contact details like your state, city, country, and company, as well as keep track of all of your orders.

Business Account:

Add Trainees: Create personalized trainee profiles associated with the total number of trainees you’ve enrolled, and update their complete account and contact details, including username, email, password, address, and phone number. Assign login details to each trainee to allow their access to OSHA training courses.

Buy Courses: Get OSHA safety training courses based on the number of trainees you’ve enrolled and their training and job requirements, and assign them individually.

Courses Progress: As a supervisor of your team, you can monitor every trainee’s learning development and progress by tracking their status and activity.

Orders: Be attentive when tracking your order details by keeping a record of your order details for each course purchased for your trainees.

Contact Information

For any inquiries or assistance with bulk enrollment, our dedicated customer support team is ready to assist.

Phone: (888) 305-9791

Email: [email protected]