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Taking safety certification training is advised by OSHA, an agency known as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
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Our Low Cost OSHA Training 10-Hour Course in Spanish for Construction

Nobody wants to work in an unsafe and unhealthy environment. And it has been noticed for several years that the construction industry is the most prominent area that faces lots of incidents, hazards, and diseases at job sites. In order to control such events, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration aims to conduct safety training programs to instruct laborers and employers about the importance of working in a protected and secure environment. So, having OSHA training will raise awareness and exposure among employees and even tell them about their rights.

That is why NY OSHA 30 is here to provide accredited OSHA 10 for Construction in Spanish to individuals who seek to begin their careers in the construction industry. We know organizations that are competent and well-trained have a significant reduction in the incidence of fatalities and injuries. That is the reason safety training becomes crucial for everyone. We are offering OSHA-approved courses. Our motive is to improve risk management and job safety. With our comprehensive training program, you can access us anytime, anywhere. You are allowed to complete your training at your leisure and even save your progress.

Gaining Safety Knowledge is Essential

Validate it By Earning Your DOL card

All about OSHA 10-Hour Spanish Course for Construction

The 10 Hour OSHA construction training course enables employees to learn significant techniques to protect themselves and their colleagues from hazards in their working areas. This in-depth training is offered as a voluntary online program by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

This training will equip employees regarding their rights and responsibilities, how to protect themselves from falls/trips/slips, and gives them the authority to file a complaint if they see any unsafe or unhealthy working conditions.

By educating participants on numerous potential risks, safety procedures, and industry standards, the 10-Hour OSHA program strives for improvement and encourages the security of the workplace. The OSHA 10-Hour certification program offers a variety of health and safety topics that are crucial for constructing an environmentally friendly workplace culture.

At the end of this course, participants will explore efficient and diverse learning on safety. They even recognize and manage any potential hazard at the workplace.

Key Points about Our 10-hour OSHA Construction training in Spanish Program

We at NY OSHA 30 are one of the certified OSHA online training programs that have OSHA-approved courses. As you know, the OSHA 10-Hour is specifically for entry-level workers. We give you the surety that our courses are created by authoritative and reputable safety experts. Our extensive online training program has a library of practical courses on occupational safety that provide organizations with a premium level of effectiveness as well as security. At NY OSHA 30, you can get adaptable online learning for just $49, which are highly affordable rate.


In terms of construction safety, our training covers a wide range of issues, including health hazards at construction areas, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Scaffolding, and more. At NY OSHA 30, a thorough explanation of potential risks and techniques to protect from hazards will be given to participants.


If you think about how long our cheapest OSHA 10-Hour training course has been completed. However, our OSHA 10-Hour construction Spanish training will be completed in 2 to 4 days. You are just allowed to spend 7.5 hours a day on our training as per the OSHA guidelines. But for your ease, you can complete your classes within six months. However, our training is typically organized into a number of modules or portions to cover the necessary topics.


If you are an entry-level construction worker, OSHA 10-Hour Spanish program is for you. It gives insights into the responsibilities of an employee and learns different methods to protect and safeguard themselves from any kind of hazard at the workplace. Our training will help you in recognizing the best possible tactics to reduce potential risk at the workplace.


Upon completion of your OSHA Spanish training, you are entitled to the OSHA printable certification. We at NY OSHA 30 deliver the online wallet-size certification to your email when you successfully finish your course. Make sure that you get more than 70% marks to showcase your ability to own your professional OSHA training. This card serves as recognition of concluding online training.


OSHA training is available in different languages, but if you want to take Spanish you can enroll in our training session. However, not every state’s residents or construction workers are required to complete the 10-Hour OSHA construction in Spanish. Whether you take it in English or Spanish, you will learn the safety measures and preventions at job sites.

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OSHA 10-Hour Construction (Spanish) with a FREE Course is Available for Just $49

Get Your OSHA Spanish DOL Card at Your Convenience

If you want to get an OSHA Spanish DOL card, make sure that you get training from authorized OSHA trainers. We, at NY OSHA 30, are the most reputable platform worldwide for offering certified training. You have to wait for two weeks to get a DOL card (Department of Labor card) or wallet-sized certification. But, we will send you the printable certificate through electronic mail that serves as proof that you received certified OSHA training.

Topic We Covered In OSHA 10-Hour Construction Outreach Training

In order to ensure a safe and healthy workplace, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has worked to raise knowledge of employee rights. A wide range of subjects are covered in the OSHA 10-Hour module to reduce and mitigate workplace illness and injury. At NY OSHA 30, we provide cutting-edge options for safety training.

Module #1 – Overview Of OSHA Regulation

Module #2 – Employee’s Rights and Responsibilities

Module #3 – Recognizing and Reducing Fall, Slip, and Trip Risks

Module #4 – The use of ladders, scaffolds, and other high work surfaces

Module #5 – Emergency Protocols Are Crucial

Module #6 – Using Fire Extinguishers Properly

Module #7 – Personal Protective Equipment

Module #8 – Safe Lifting Procedures

Module #9 – Considerate Ergonomics Hazards

Module #10 – Appropriate Workstation Set Up

Our Evaluation Criteria for OSHA 10-Hour Spanish Construction Training

Depending on the trainer and the type of training, the evaluation criteria for the OSHA 10-Hour Construction Training may differ slightly. We, at, conduct the test in the form of MCQs in which candidates must have to gain 70% marks in every module.

After each topic is finished, we conduct a quiz session to determine the student’s level of retention. It is compulsory for every participant to show their attendance and participation in our training session. This ensures that you attend each discussion & topic thoroughly.

Improve Your Safety Skills and Get Rewarded with a Free Course!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you lost or damaged your original OSHA card, OSHA allowed you to get a copy of the 10 Hour construction certification in Spanish. You just need to send a request for replacement to the official OSHA site. Make sure you learn the legal requirements of OSHA. According to OSHA policy, you are only permitted to obtain one replacement card in case of loss or damage.

In case of any query, you can get assistance from the authorized and certified provider of OSHA 10 Hour Spanish training. From the enrollment process to course completion, they will make sure you will get satisfactory answers to your questions.

There is a massive list of topics that are covered in OSHA 10 Construction training in Spanish. From falls/trips/slip safety to the use of personal protective equipment, the use of fire extinguishers to how to handle heavy machinery, you will everything with practical examples.