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Information on employee rights, employer responsibilities and preventing workplace hazards are all covered in this program.
10 HRS
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Get Thought-Provoking OSHA 10-Hour Construction New York (Spanish)

People are continuously looking for new and intriguing career opportunities that offer them continuous progress, stability, and safety in today’s dynamic and constantly changing job environment. Construction is one sector that continuously offers a wide range of opportunities. But due to the increase in hazardous incidents at work sites, people are unable to work with confidence in the construction industry.  The federal agency Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is obligated to create the safest and healthiest work environment for employees. OSHA has offered different programs to educate employees about the safety guidelines.

If you are also one who wants to take OSHA training, then we are here to provide comprehensive OSHA 10-Hour construction training in New York. At NY OSHA 30, we offer this course in multiple languages. If you are a Spanish speaker and want to get OSHA 10-Hour construction training online, get in touch with our professional and certified OSHA trainers. We aim to provide adequate safety training knowledge to reduce and avoid hazardous incidents at construction sites. You can get our OSHA training at your convenience and also receive different research materials and lectures.

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Our Affordable OSHA 10-Hour New York (Spanish) Training

We are presently offering OSHA’s 10-Hour construction outreach training for just $49. Normally, it costs $159. You can even access a number of discounts on our website. Our training sessions are flexible and simple to follow. You can enroll in the course now and pay later. Our lecturers are ready to share their knowledge with you.

At NY OSHA 30, we assure you that you will receive excellent OSHA training at reasonable costs. Additionally, you receive lectures or other research materials so you can review our training sessions to get more clarity. Our certified trainers put in more effort to provide you with satisfying and captivating OSHA knowledge by keeping the budgets of our applicants in mind.

You can take OSHA training at your accessibility & suitability for $49 USD. You may access your account on your phone and receive your OSHA training at any time or anywhere.

Vital Information About Our OSHA 10-Hour Construction Course

At NY OSHA 30, we are providing one of the approved OSHA training programs with OSHA-approved courses. As you are aware, entry-level workers are only covered by the OSHA 10-Hour construction New York training in Spanish. We assure you that our course training must be authoritative and accredited, so you will learn sufficient skills and techniques from our expert trainers.

However, our OSHA 10-Hour online training program has a collection of hands-on courses on workplace safety that offer businesses a high level of security and effectiveness. You may obtain flexible online learning at NY OSHA 30 for just $49, which are very reasonable price.

Course Content

Our training comprises a broad spectrum of topics in regard to safety during construction, such as health risks in construction zones, scaffolding, personal protective equipment (PPE), etc. Participants of NY OSHA 30 will receive a thorough awareness of possible dangers and learn strategies for how to safeguard against hazards.

Time Duration

Are you wondering how long it has taken to complete our OSHA 10-Hour New York Spanish training course? We’ll finish our OSHA 10-Hour construction Spanish instruction in two to four days. According to OSHA regulations, you are only permitted to invest 7.5 hours each day in our training. However, you have six months to finish your coursework at a time that works for you. To cover the relevant topics, our training is often divided into various kinds of modules or sections.

Targeted Audience

The OSHA 10-Hour New York Spanish programs are for you if you are starting out as a construction worker. It teaches various ways to prevent and safeguard oneself from any form of hazard at work and provides insights into the roles and responsibilities of being a worker. There are various topics you’ll learn from our training, i.e. how to identify the most effective methods for lowering workplace risk.


You are eligible to print the OSHA certification once you have finished your OSHA Spanish training. When you effectively finish the training program, NY OSHA 30 will email you an electronic certification in the form of a wallet. For proof of that you are able to take responsibility for your professional OSHA training, make sure you receive over 70 percent of the possible marks. This card serves as verification that your online training is complete.

OSHA Requirements

Although OSHA training is offered in a broad range of languages, you can sign up for our New York Spanish-language training session without hassle. However, not all states need their citizens or construction workers to finish the OSHA 10-Hour construction course in Spanish course. You will learn about the safety precautions and preventative measures at construction sites whether you attend the course in English or Spanish.

Our Straightforward Criteria for Quizzes/Assessments

The OSHA 10-Hour Construction Training evaluation criteria may vary slightly reliant on the trainer and the kind of training. At, we administer the test as a series of multiple-choice questions (MCQs), and each module’s passing score is 70%.

We hold a quiz session to assess the student’s level of retaining and understanding when each topic is covered. Every participant must show their availability, involvement, and attendance during our training session. Our strategy guarantees that each of our applicants pays close attention to each discussion and get enough training.

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OSHA 10-Hour Modules for Our Construction New York Spanish

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration have strived to increase awareness of employee rights in order to guarantee a safe and healthy workplace. The OSHA 10-Hour Construction training in New York in Spanish covers comprehensive topics in their course to lessen and prevent occupational accidents, injuries, and health-related diseases. We offer state-of-the-art choices for safety training at NY OSHA 30.

Section #1 – Specific Detail about OSHA Regulations

Section #2 – Responsibilities of Employer

Section #3 – Walking and Working Surfaces

Section #4 – Importance of Clear Exit Routes

Section #5 – Proper Use and Response Towards Fire Prevention

Section #6 – Identification of Electrical Hazards

Section #7 –Types of PPE & Their Effective Uses

Section #8 – Understanding of Safety Data Sheets

Section #9 – Proper Lifting Techniques

Section #10 – Proper Lifting & Material Handling Techniques

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Get Your New York OSHA 10-Hour Certification in Spanish

If you desire to have an authorized OSHA Spanish DOL card in New York, make sure you receive training from reputable and trustworthy OSHA trainers. We assure you that NY OSHA 30 is one of the most verified online platforms for providing certified training. A DOL card from the Department of Labor card must be requested to get in two weeks. However, we will email you a downloadable certificate that serves as evidence that you attended official OSHA training.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The OSHA 10 Hour Construction training in Spanish in New York has some specific topics related to safety in construction areas. Some of them are mentioned below;

  1. Whistleblower protection
  2. Scaffolds and ladders
  3. Welding & cutting
  4. Ergonomics
  5. Case studies on real-life scenarios
  6. Safety and health programs
  7. Cranes & rigging safety
  8. Motor vehicle safety

You were given permission by OSHA to obtain a duplicate of your 10 Hour construction certification in New York In Spanish if you misplaced your original OSHA card. Simply submit a replacement request on the official OSHA website. Make sure you are familiar with OSHA’s legal standards. You are only allowed to get one replacement card in case of loss or damage, per OSHA policy.

You can get advice from the recognized and authorized OSHA 10 Hour New York Spanish training provider by contacting them through email and sending them a quote. They will ensure that you receive suitable answers to your questions throughout the whole registration process and course completion.

Yes, there are online training options available for the OSHA 10 Construction course in Spanish in New York. Several online platforms are provided but make sure you get training from the certified one. At NY OSHA 30, you can get training with OSHA Approved courses. However, our online 10-hour training in New York in Spanish is completely online. So, you have a chance to get your training in your flexible learning schedule.